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I compiled a huge list of  both free and paid cloud websites templates  to choose from and I must say that this whole thing is so fun... and the most interesting thing about this is that they have step by step instructions and guidiance on how to fix this for your personal use and also free resources on cloud computing which is also fun.

I personally love the PSD software templates. They are so easy and fun to use and I must say that these guys really did a great job. But I must also add that there is a huge difference between the free cloud website templates and the paid templates. The featured cloud templates are more sophisticated and are so much fun to use. What I advise is pay for the hosting and they will give you access to their tools catalogues and I must say that so far it’s been fun.

I once use to use godaddy hosting service until I discovered it was a real mess. Most of my pages were not working and I was encountering slow landing pages which turned out to be a whole mess. I called their customer service times without number all to no avail and it was a huge mess really but with cloud hosting, this whole deal was a thing of the past and I never had to worry ever again if their servers will be failing or not. I have really had great course to smile in my blogging business and I must say a huge thanks to the premium template creators and developers for the wonderful job well done.  

These guys have hundreds of free templates to choose from and they are ertainly a force to be reckoned with as regrds cloud template deals.  Way over 200 templates to choose from and its just so cool… But just one thing ill advise is that when you pay for hosting,  the price for the template gets cheaper and you have a lot to gain. They also have some cheaper templates to choose from and you have  choice to customize it to whatever style you choose and the most interesting part of the whole thing is that their service is a lot cheaper than the service they offer. 

When you pay for their cloud hosting service, they can afford to give you the templates even free of charge. Its something you will want to try if you really have flair for the best deals.
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