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Few Truths About Free Website Hosting Services

It is a very nice idea for a blogger to start web mastering with free web hosts but there are lots and lots of disadvantages involved with using free website hosting services and I must tell you that for starters, its not a very easy and simple task.

However, free website hosting has its advantages to website starters which are that it can enable you  sell your products, meet with clients, represent and brand your business but there are a few things you must know about these free web hosting services.

Example  BLOGGER.COM , WORDPRESS.COM,…  As soon as you choose to use their free hosting offer, your blog immediately gets their extension and an example will be WWW.BENELECTRONICS.BLOGSPOT.COM .  For instance your name is Ben and you really needed to  build a page for your business and you chose that free host.  The implication of what you have just done is to promote BLOGSPOT.COM without knowing .
s of these merchants that offer free website hosting services are

Secondly, No member of the general public will like to purchase products from a free hosted blog cos it will not make you a responsible business owner. Take for instance your domain name is WWW.BENELECTRONICS.COM , It would make your business much more responsible and you willhave much more increased patronage from clients and the general pubic . You sell faster from a owned domain than a free hosted blog site.

The Third factor is that your product branding will be faulty and no matter how well you design the blog site, it will still not be good enough due to the fact that it is not a featured domain and its not fully owned by you. On the contrary, if you are the type that like doing the right things then I must advise you to quickly own your domain name and host it not minding the cost so your business can be properly branded and represented on the internet and also be approached by clients and partners. Take statistics of websites and blogs that have authority and high page ranks.

They are NOT free hosted blogs and if really you must establish your presence in the search engines, you must get your personal blog hosted on a very good server. This is why I recommend cloud hosting services.  Using WORDPRESS  is fun too cos it has so many features, pings and configurations but what I will advise is that you can design your blog with word press and host it with cloud which is one of the most reliable web host in the market.
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