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There are several blender sites all over the internet but in here, I’m  going to be showing  you the best blender sites  tutorials  available on the internet alongside their ratings and product reviews.  I’m going to be starting from the highly rated ones to the less rated ones according to their degree of effectiveness and appraisals from social networks and users all around the globe.


It has a very strong and outstanding community providing feedback and support to all its users and I must say that the organizers of this community have really done a great work in making this one count and helping people solve their most difficult problems. They have exactly what you need which includes lots of assistance and training but there is a little fee charged but when you get what you need, the fee will certainly be worth it.


The blender network  is the right place to go if you need an expert  to help on a specific part of your task and as you keep working with Blender, you may start using it to make money professionally and  earning extra cash is a very nice way to use this network. It is a networking site for professionals and you can register yourself to be among them. All you need do is search for blender related jobs and you can also search for the exact person you need to handle your task for you.


It is a website community that allow users buy and sell  assets . These assets could range from materials, models, and lots more. You can purchase any asset via blender market.com or if you have something other people would find very precious and valuable, you can sell it on the platform and interested buyers will find you and negotiate prices and make payments which will definitely mean extra bucks for yourself.


This is another very nice platform but it is strictly “home based”.  That is to say that the assets that are located in this community are restricted to home use only.  You can also find some interesting deals here and in case you also need to sell your own personal products, you can also pay them a visit and share your opinion here. I’m so sorry this blog “http//naijablender.com” has a policy of not including 3rd party links here if not, I would have dropped and posted the links of these community blenders so you can pay them all a visit. Please do bear with us for the time being.

But just in case you have a blog or a website you wish to be hosted, try hosting it on cloud computing.  It comes with guarantee and there is never a time that your website will not be reached or cannot find server.
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