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We Need A Messiah ...

High cost of living, increased taxation, fuel scarcity, low storage facility, little or no power supply which leads to several menace . It's a known fact that Nigeria as a nation is still under recession but the fact still remains that the government of the day is not helping issues at all ... Now, the question is, what can we really do to stop this ugly trend?

My dear friends, its just to rely on God to help us out due to the fact that the Nigerian society is just more than corrupt and the judiciary has no independence and just like prof. Chinua Achebe, things have really fallen apart with Nigeria and i must say that the only way out of this mess is hard work, patience and trust in almighty God.

In Edo state, the recently conducted election was just a total mess and disaster and i must say that this country needs real time improvement and intervention from God before things get very worse. The president is really trying his best but the fact still remains that this country Nigeria is just so complex for one man to handle and the worst aspect of this whole thing is that the president surrounds himself with people that are misleading and giving him very wrong advise that will lead to the ruin of his government. They are all going after personal interest instead of putting the people's plight first before their selfish and greedy desires.

The whole sectors of the Nigerian government is really nothing to be compared with the way it was during President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan . Nigerians really miss him so much but still, we are alive today because of God's grace and the hope for a better life. so in anticipation for a better Nigeria, we all have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best so situation does not catch us unawares.
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