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One day four friends Anointed. Emmanuel. Michael..and Sam went to the burial ceremony of their friend in a certain village in ghana. it is the custom and tradition of the village that when a deceased is about to be buried, his friends will put something in his/ her casket.
Anointed had nothing to give at the moment so he assisted the women in cooking and serving foods and drinks to guests. that was all he did. Emmanuel put into the casket some expensive wine worth of $3500. He said ''bros keep shining your eyes till we meet again...good bye''

Michael counted a reasonable amount of money ($5,000) and put in the casket and Said "my dear i could have given u more than this, but due to economic crises in our country , this is only what i can afford now..use it to upkeep yourself till we meet together once again''

The last person Sam wrote a cheque of $15,000 put in the casket and collected
michael's $5000 and said. "nna you know that the journey is too far, so i gave u the cheque
of fifteen thousand dollars, if you get to the land of death, pls withdraw the whole amount. my own ten thousand dollars plus michael's five thousand dollars is fifteen thousand dollars,,i have collected my change, so all of the money is yours...try and be holy till we meet again,,good bye''
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