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 One day Akpos and John were watching T.V when the news came on, showing a man standing on a bridge about to commit suicide, suddenlyAkpos...
FUNNY STORY FUNNY STORY Reviewed by Richardson on 06:18 Rating: 5
One day four friends Anointed. Emmanuel. Michael..and Sam went to the burial ceremony of their friend in a certain village in ghana. it is t...
SAMMY THE WISE MAN SAMMY THE WISE MAN Reviewed by Richardson on 06:08 Rating: 5
Never argue with a woman, just use your brains like this my guy. A man went on a night out with his friends the wife is furious and tells...
Never argue with a woman Never argue with a woman Reviewed by Richardson on 05:59 Rating: 5
FUNNY STORY ....A MUST READ FUNNY STORY ....A MUST READ Reviewed by Richardson on 05:40 Rating: 5

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