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Business Finance Tips

Talking about business  finance tips, there are certain things you definitely need to take under consideration before embarking on a financial business deal or activity. We are going to be talking about how you can finance your own business to make a very good living and stay on top of your own affairs without stress.

Once upon a time I had a very nice business idea but the issue was that I had no enough funds to set up the business and I had to rally round friends and families for support all to no avail. This lasted for a while until I met one of my old friends and told him about this issue of getting enough funds to set up my business and he told me that… there is hardly any firm or financial institution that will lend you cash to start up a business but they rather would oblige to lend you cash to expand your already existing business based on the bright prospects they think your business should have to maximize profits.

After he told me these whole bitter truth, I was really disappointed but also I didn’t give up… I retired to bootstrapping and I had a job that pays so little a cash but I decided to save… I saved some cash for over a year and ended up getting almost half of the funds expected to set up my firm and I didn’t give up too. I saved for another   and got the other half and here I was already thinking of quitting my job so I could  start up my own business but my boss at work was now so used to me and was so reluctant in signing my resignation. He asked me why I needed to go and I gave him my answer which was no other than the fact that I needed a better life and I needed to set up my firm so I could be able to stand tall and have a life. 

Due to the fact that it was a federal job, the increase of my salary and wages was not up to him but up to the authority in charge and that was why he had to let me go. When I eventually started up my firm, the  funds I had was only enough to fix the major issues of the firm which was the portfolio and some part of the office facilities coupled with some paper work and documents to get the business properly registered by the respective agency. The bottom line is that, I need funds to finance my business but had to start with bootstrapping and later sold shares and got partners that had a very nice share in the business and I ended up successful. Business finance tips is easy only if you do it right.
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